Creating a Modern Office Environment

There can be many reasons to refurbish your office or workspace in an ever-changing business world. You may have a good idea of how you want the premises to look and function but are always open to new ideas; I would like to give you some information on a range of areas of interest to improve the office to both you and your workforce’s benefit.

Dividing The Space

You can use several different partitioning systems to divide up the floor space on your premises; office partitions are flexible and easily installed. Depending on your budget and need, these can include –

  • Glass Partitions – available in a wealth of options in single or double glazed partitioning, are an increasingly popular choice.
  • Drywall partitions – widespread, budget option, easily installed.
  • Demountable partitions – movable, flexible partitions can be a good choice if you need to change the office layout; you can also claim tax relief with this option.

These are the main types of partitioning used in office’s today; all may be an option for your proposed floorplan, take some time to explore them online and the benefits available.

The Other Areas You Can Improve

Having decided on how to divide the floor space, you can then start to look at the other areas that make up the office; all can be revitalised and refreshed to energise your staff. Multiple case studies have shown that employers have clear benefits if they create a high natural light workplace with accompanying suitable colour palettes and a good amount of greenery in the form of plants. With that in mind, the specific areas are –

  • Décor – as stated, the correct colour scheme can encourage staff productivity and well-being; it can be achieved with fresh paint, wallpapers, and vinyl wall coverings.
  • Lighting – allowing natural light into the office lowers stress and anxiety and increase staff output, glass walls or partitions are used to do this, or modern led lighting can re-produce the effect to a high standard.
  • Furniture – With the modern developments in ergonomic design, there are a wealth of options from seating to complete workstations. It is crucially important to consider the right furniture for your employees and their working environment.
  • Flooring – There is a wide range of modern options, including carpet or vinyl tiles; an area often overlooked is a great design opportunity.

There is also the possibility that you can upgrade areas such as kitchens, staff break out rooms or washrooms, all would bring uplifts in staff well-being which is critically linked to their productivity.

Getting The Best Supplier

An excellent office refurbishment supplier should give you access to a wealth of design ideas and possibilities, as well as an end-to-end service through the installation and aftercare of your workspace. It can be challenging to determine which installers are better than others, but you can use consumer rating websites such as Trustpilot to see how well they are received.

I hope this short article has given you some good ideas to start your office refurbishment project; I am sure that both your staff and visitors will be amazed by your new modern colourful workplace.