Can New Equipment Add Significant Value to Your Laundromat?

Increased customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for any laundromat. Upgrading or adding new equipment, including Girbau North America coin op laundry machines, will significantly improve the laundry services you offer your customers. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider adding new equipment to your laundromat.

Less machine downtime and maintenance work

Old commercial laundry washers and dryers often get out of order, and the waiting time before the repairs are done means you will lose money on your laundry business. Fixing the machines tends to be a never-ending affair. With new equipment, you do not need to worry about constant repairs. New equipment comes with a warranty and access to customer support from experts. If a problem comes up with your equipment, you will be up and running faster than with older equipment.

Reduced utility costs

Studies show that laundromats spend more than 26% of their revenues on essential utilities, and most business owners site high utility costs as one of the biggest in their business. Water costs keep increasing, which are said to keep growing due to federal mandates and rising costs of the necessary resources. Upgrading your commercial equipment will help solve the utility problem. New equipment comes with improved technology that increases energy efficiency that will help you save on utility costs.

Increased profit

Your customers will expect to pay more for their services when you get new equipment with upgraded features. Most laundry businesses can expect to charge more by 10 to 20% once they install new equipment. Increased charges mean you will enjoy additional profits from your business once you replace the older equipment. The new equipment allows laundromat owners to enjoy new features, including advanced smart controls that help increase customer loyalty and potentially your profits.

Increased customer loyalty and support

There are more than 35,000 laundromats nationwide, which means that your target customers have many options to service their laundry needs. Upgrading your equipment is a significant factor in customers choosing the laundromat. Replacing your machines with industry-leading brands means higher quality services with the latest technology, which helps improve the customer’s experience. The new equipment also helps improve your business’s general outlook and feel, making it more relaxing and inviting for your customers. A great appearance and improved efficiency and performance help improve your laundromat’s broad experience, which keeps your customers coming back.

Reduce your footprint

Once you upgrade your laundry equipment, you can reduce your carbon footprint worldwide. Most customers are loyal to businesses that show interest in conserving the environment. With the equipment using less water and energy, you will save on utility bills while attracting and retaining customers who care about eco-logic brands.

Laundry equipment has dramatically improved in recent years with water-efficient systems that help save on water and reduce the use of chemicals, saving money on operations. Once you reduce the operational costs and improve the customer experience, you will likely increase your bottom line in the long run.