Urgent Steps to Take After a Two-Wheeler Road Accident

There are times when, despite being very careful and a good driver, an accident or a mishap can damage your bike and also leave you with injuries. When it comes to protecting your bike, it is best if you have bike insurance coverage to take care of the expenses. Moreover, you could also add a personal accident cover to your comprehensive insurance policy for your bike and get your medical expenses sorted.

As a general rule, check your bike insurance from time to time with the help of an online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator so that you can adjust your comprehensive or third-party insurance coverage as per your needs.

Road Accidents in India

In the last many years, India has seen a number of bike accidents, most of which are due to the poor condition of the roads as well as over-speeding vehicles and careless driving. In fact, these accidents are so frequent that it is quite likely that you may have witnessed a bike accident while travelling or may have even been involved in one. In such situations, if possible, do step in and help the victims. To be able to do this effectively, here are some immediate steps that must be taken after an accident.

Steps to take soon after a bike accident:

  • Keep calm: A road accident, no matter how serious or minor, can be a cause for an emotional shock or a panic attack. The very impact of a collision can be quite fatal for those with heart conditions. Make it a point to ensure that the situation is handled calmly, and there is no screaming or violence involved between the two parties. If you’re a spectator and witness such a situation, then intervene and politely ask the two riders to sort things out amicably.
  • Secure the scene: It is important that an accident site be isolated immediately after the incident to avoid crowds from gathering too close and also to notify other vehicles about a diversion. Simply turn off the ignition switch and engine and switch on the lights and indicators. Follow this step, even if the accident occurs in broad daylight.
  • Check for injuries: A serious bike accident can be fatal for the victims if they make any movements before examining their injuries. Therefore, whether you’re involved in the accident or not, be sure to first check if anyone is hurt or bleeding. Sometimes, in the case of a head injury or internal bleeding, speak to the victim or check their eyes to see if they can respond.
  • Collect the details: If your vehicle is the cause of the accident, then exchange your contact information as well as your insurance information with the other party (third-party) so that they can be compensated for the damages. If you witness the accident between two parties, then note down the car’s registration details, the license numbers of the riders and contact details of their respective insurers, if necessary.

Also, take pictures on your phone of the physical damages for evidence. It always helps to have your own two-wheeler insurance renewal done on time so that you can be protected from financial losses in such emergencies.

File an FIR: Any road accident that involves damage to the vehicles or to the bikers comes under the jurisdiction of the local police. There are two reasons for this:

  • If you and the other party walk away with damages and without filing an FIR with the police, there is a chance that later on, the third party may bother you for the losses, and the police will be unable to help you.
  • While filing an insurance claim for the damages, an FIR is a mandatory document that your insurer must have so that they are able to process the claim.

Filing an FIR is not a tedious process as the police are helpful and will guide you through it. By skipping this step, you only invite more problems for later as you will not be able to file an insurance claim nor seek help from the police in any way.

Call your insurer: Contact your insurance provider and inform them about the accident as well as the damages. If you are not in a condition to talk much, let them know about it or have someone else make the call. You will be given a claim intimation number that you can use when filing a claim for the damages.

Importance of two-wheeler insurance in India

Understanding how bike accidents can cause substantial damage to the vehicle as well as the bike owners, having a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy is important. As such, the injuries, stress and trauma of the accident constitute enough problems for those involved in the incident. The lack of an insurance policy only adds to the tension and increases your financial liabilities.

While having basic third-party insurance is a legal requirement in India and takes care of third-party damages, it is equally important to keep your bike and yourself protected with more extensive coverage through a comprehensive insurance policy.