This is how you can get started with mountaineering

People have different goals in life and whereas others want to finish school and set up their own practice in their field of specialization, others want to have adventure and fun. If you happen to be one those people who enjoy the latter, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to talk about mountaineering and how you can get started. We need to start by understanding what mountaineering means to set a foundation upon which we will build in this article.

In its simplest form, mountaineering refers to climbing mountains. Like backpacking, you will start off on a trail with a backpack on your back. The backpack usually contains supplies and gear that you need to get you to the top of whatever mountain you are climbing and back. The main goal of mountaineering is to get to the summit of the mountain, and that will involve travelling through ice, glaciers, and snow.

So, what is entailed in mountaineering, you ask. Well, read on to find out.

What does mountaineering entail?

Mountaineering requires your full attention mentally and physically. Physically, mountaineering is demanding because you have to carry a heavy pack on your back and slowly go up a mountain and then back down. This process can take days or even weeks depending on the height of the mountain. Mentally, you will need to remain strong because the stress is simply overwhelming.

Before you embark on a mountaineering trip, you will need to learn a few skills such as how to use an ice axe, how to perform various types of first aid, and how to stay safe on your trip. This trip is usually made in a group and like any adventure, anything can always happen to one of the people in the group. If that happens, it is important that first said is performed as soon as possible. If one is in need of being rescued, you as part of the group will need to do it and that is a skill you will have to learn.

How to get started with mountaineering

If you are interested in becoming a mountaineer like Bo Parfet, you should start by taking a mountaineering class or hiring a mountaineering guide. The importance of a guide is that they lead the way and teach you every skill that you need to know about along the way. If you choose to go without a guide, then you need to attend classes to learn these skills. You can also listen to a great mountaineer like Bo Parfet talk about his experiences when he embarked on concurring all the seven summits he concurred in his life.

Start training, gather supplies and gear, and pick a route

Mountaineering is not an easy feat and as such, you will need to get enough training. You should train with a heavy backpack on your back to get yourself in shape mentally and physically. You should also acquire all the necessary gear and supplies such as ice axe, boots, harness, and crampons. You should also choose a route that matches your level of skill and comfort.