Stainless Pipe Clamps With an Amazing Tripod Vise

Pipe clamps for fitting and aligning stainless pipe and fittings are virtually the same. Right?

Wrong. One company offers truly innovative pipe clamps combined with the most effective tripod vise I’ve ever seen for fitting and welding stainless pipe.

That old school Red Tripod Vises most of us have employed for years are okay for screw pipe however for tack welding fittings on pipe, they’re virtually awkward at the best. I am talking about exactly how are you currently designed to hold a 90 elbow with one hands, a tig torch within the other hands, along with a filler fishing rod within the other hands?

That’s three hands! Count em Sonny Jim.

Rather of the chain vise with jaws that may dig into polished stainless pipe, This innovative “Tripod Vise” provided by TechSouth Corporation. includes a clamping tool really created for fitting together stainless pipe and fittings with jaw marks and without contamination from iron particles that induce rust to appear later.

And something person has only two hands. Right? But two hands are ample for just one person to suit, tack, and weld stainless pipe with this particular unique tripod vise. Its really known as the “Clark Quick Switch – Industrial Folding Platform.”

The word “tripod vise” simply doesn’t get it done justice. It’s inside a class alone.

Evidently this tripod vise works with any material type but as it is produced from materials that will not contaminate stainless pipe and fittings with iron particles.

TechSouth Corporation. also provides a number of other innovative products for welding and fitting and welding of stainless tubing and pipe.

On These awesome and Innovative Pipe Clamps together with a lot of Lower and Dirty welding tips.

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