Growing Business? Maybe it Is Time to Install a Mezzanine Floor

Has your company grown in size? Do you find that you are running out of space as a result? Is it too expensive for you to relocate? Then you need to find a flexible solution for storage where you can avoid obstructions at ground level.

Installing a Mezzanine Floor for Your Storage Needs

 If all the above criteria fit your current situation, then it is time to consider the construction and installation of a raised storage platform. By installing a mezzanine floor in your facility, you won’t have to relocate your business as the floor can be configured to your work area.

That is why mezzanine flooring is popular. It can be suited to a business’s individual working space and requirements. Unlike a pallet-racking floor, a mezzanine installation can be fitted to the usage and storage requirements of the area beneath the floor.

Because your storage needs are not the same as those of other businesses, no two mezzanine floors in Melbourne are the same. That is why this type of solution is customised to a company’s specifications. Plus, all the floors are made to comply with the relevant sections of Australia’s building code.

Selecting an Engineering Firm

When choosing an engineering company to design the floor, make sure they use the latest in 2D and 3D design software. By using current technological innovations, the company can better manage your floor’s design and installation.

They engineering firm you choose should also be able to handle all the intricacies of the construction including planning and building permits, lighting, fire service modifications and installation, pallet racking, pallet gates, offices, and shelving.

Arranging a Quote

Once you find the right provider, you will need to arrange a quote for your project. You can also submit a request online. Provide the length and width of the proposed floor in metres. When entering the measurements, make sure the total area of the floor does not surpass 580 sqm (floor area equals length x width).

Once the company has the measurement, you can set up a brief consultation. After the consultation, the engineering company will provide you with a budget figure based on the details for the project. If you find the figure within your price range, then you will next need to schedule an onsite visit. At that time, a site measure will be taken and a quotation will be given. Alternatively, companies may also send site photos and sketch details by email.

The Final Steps

Once the engineering firm has this information, they will supply you with a quotation, along with an outline of the scope of works and any other site-specific requirements. If you are pleased with the scope of works, you will then proceed by placing a deposit down on the proposed work.

After these details are finalised, the engineering firm will use its 2D or 3D software to produce the drawings for manufacture of the flooring. Once the materials are produced and the installation time is confirmed, the floor will then be added according to a business’s operational requirements.

Such an installation saves you quite a deal of money as you won’t experience the costs associated with relocating including downtime, stationery reprints, and removal expenses.

Design-build construction is a popular project delivery method that combines the design and construction phases of a project into one contract. Learn more about this design-build construction process on our website!