Don’t Miss These Facts About Rotational Plastic Molding

For the uninitiated, plastic molding refers to a range of techniques that are used for making plastic parts. Traditionally, techniques like injection molding and blow molding were quite common, but these days, something known as rotational molding is more popular. If you are wondering what rotomolding is all about, here are some of the quick facts at a glance.

What is rotational molding?

Also known as rotomolding, rotational molding is a technique used commonly for making hollow parts. The process involves placing liquid resin and powder in a hollow mold, and the mold is then rotated bi-axially in an oven. This helps in melting the resin, which then coats the entire cavity of the mold taking its shape. The mold is then cooled, and the part is removed.

Know the benefits

As far as rotational molding is concerned, the benefits are more than many. The designs produced with rotational molding can be as varied as you want. Products made using rotational molding include containers, manholes, precision medical parts, and more. The production process doesn’t require a lot of time, and the tooling costs are much lesser than what you would pay for injection molding. The produced parts come with increased strength, durability and are also corrosion resistant. One can get even manholes with no stress of seams, which further reduces the task of maintenance. It is also possible to get the required wall thickness, and the weight of the final product can be reduced to some extent.

Other things to know

If you are looking for plastic parts and want to place an order, finding companies that specialize in rotomolding is quite easy, thanks to the internet. However, you would want to confirm a few things, including the tooling costs. More often than not, manufacturers have their own team of experts and engineering staff, who can take care of the production process. Keep in mind that the production cost with corrosion resistance is extremely low, so you can always get the advantage of producing more for less. The labor hours and production time, as mentioned above, are limited as compared to other forms of plastic molding. You may want to get a detailed estimate in advance before taking the final call.

Check online now to find more on rotomolding, and before taking the final call, do check the experience and expertise of the concerned company and get a quote for the requirements.