Common Mistakes made by rookie traders in England

Trading in England can become a big challenge in your life if you don’t know exactly how everything works. Knowing the common mistakes rookies have made might just help you in the right direction.

Ignoring market volatility

New traders will often go all-in when they should be cautious because the need to make a profit is too strong, and their fear of missing out (FOMO) can get in the way of rational thinking.

Many newbies don’t even think about risk management and only focus on finding that perfect entry or exit point.

To avoid this mistake, you should always know what you are willing to risk and how much pain your trade plan can absorb if it turns sour before you start trading for real.


The urge to get rich quickly can get many rookie traders into trouble, especially when dealing with highly volatile markets such as cryptocurrencies.

Traders usually think that a currency will continue to run in a specific direction, and they either overstay their welcome or get shaken out by smaller swings along the way.

Thinking they know everything

New traders will soon realise there is so much more to learn about technical analysis, risk management, finding good opportunities, money management etc.

The most common blunders made by novice traders is believing that because they “know it all,” there is nothing else left to learn. Nothing could be further from reality.

Mistaking luck for skill

There is a reason some traders are more successful than others – they have learned from their mistakes and know how to avoid them as such, which is an integral part of every trading strategy as no one can win all the time.

A clear sign of beginners’ luck is often that they only manage to generate profits during their first trades or even months on end, but it will be difficult to adjust and readjust their strategies accordingly once things turn sour.

Not using protective stops

All Inexperienced traders are aware of the importance of setting stop losses, but many of them neglect to use protective stops.

A stop is a level where you automatically exit a losing trade to not turn into an even bigger disaster.

Even if you’re sure about your trading strategy both psychologically and technically, having the discipline to stick to your stops is extremely important as you can risk getting stopped out multiple times before your eventual target is reached.

Trading without patterns

Newbies often don’t have any trading patterns in place for themselves because they’ve never had success at this before, e.g. because they only bought coins which subsequently dropped in value or sold too early/late etc.

They are less likely to repeat their blunders and learn from them faster as a result. New traders should always find a trading methodology that works for them, whether based on indicators, price action or anything else.

Obsessing over TA

Technical analysis can be beneficial when starting, but don’t let the fact that you only have limited knowledge get in the way of your overall plan.

Even though many newbies often think they need to master all forms of technical analysis before trading with real money, this is unnecessary as everyone has their preferred method(s).

Pressuring themselves

A common mistake that rookie traders make is to put too much pressure on themselves when trading.

It’s straightforward to become anxious or nervous when the markets are moving in an unfavourable direction for you, but remember that it will cloud your judgement if you let emotions get the better of you.

A good approach here would be using a demo account until you feel ready to progress or work with a mentor who will guide you during such times without pushing too hard in one particular direction.

In conclusion

What are common mistakes made by rookie traders in England?

There is no correct answer to this question because so many different types of rookie investors are new to trading.

However, one mistake that is commonly shared with most novice traders is not researching or learning enough before they trade.

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