What print materials do I need for my political campaign


The primary goal of any campaign is to raise awareness. You may even want to make it a point to keep it in the forefront of your mind. To get your message in front of as many potential voters as possible, you need to use several commercial printing services.

Before we delve into how and what prints will be needed, let’s do a brief low-down on commercial printing and how they might help you.

Types of commercial printing

Several types of printing materials would play a crucial role in getting your message across to the right persons and in the right ways, and they will be highlighted in this section.

Commercial printing is basically big-time printing machines used to meet specific needs of organizations, and in this case, your campaign!

  • LED UV commercial printing: the highest and best quality print materials out there today
  • Large-format commercial printing: used for huge prints to capture your audience
  • Digital commercial printing: getting creative with your campaign, this type of printing helps add some distinctive and personalized touches.
  • Offset lithography: used for books and newspapers, and they’ll go a long way in printing leaflets and brochures en masse for you.

Above are the types of commercial printing, and each of these would play a role in creating the quality of materials for your audience in their various capacities.

What printed materials do I need for my campaign

To be purposive and precise in reaching your audience with the right materials and campaign supplies, you should prioritize print quality and thought-driving messages. Here are some of the materials you just might need.

Yard signs: this is a simple yet impactful campaign material helps you drive short but support rousing messages. They are relatively cost-effective and can be produced en masse for you.

Campaign banners and posters: you might want to ensure that banners and signs are printed in different sizes and qualities. Some should be printed via the large format commercial printing as materials published through this technique are massive and send your message boldly and impressively.

These materials can also be printed through offset lithography to have more than enough to go around at a reasonable price and excellent quality.

Door hangers: This is another very crucial material your campaign should never do without because they might not be the biggest, but they are hard to miss!

So, best to let them come with a short remark or message that sends the right impression that you are indeed the right man for the job!

Direct mail: Direct mail sends a powerful and clear political campaign message and is loaded with many benefits.

They could come in the forms of brochures, postcards, letters, etc. When you send direct mails to your potential electorate, you send out a clear rally and appeal to make them see why you are the man for the job! Therefore this material(s) is a must-have for your campaign.


There are a lot of other materials that would be useful for your campaign. You and your campaign team should do more research, especially on and about how best to reach your potential electorates.