Using Office Partitioning to Improve Your Workplace

An effective, well-functioning office is crucial to both a productive workforce and a growing company; the layout of a workplace is a key component of this type of environment. Advancements in modern partitioning systems now offer business owners a wealth of varied options when looking to redesign their premises. Using an office refurbishment, you can take your company to the next level, improve all workplace areas, and enable your staff to be creative and productive. We’ll focus on the division of space and investigate the different partitioning systems available in the marketplace today.

Finding A Supply Partner

When setting out on any major project, some initial research is always a good idea; the internet is a valuable resource in this respect, search for ‘office partitioning Cirencester’ or something similar to find specialists local to you. Take some time to view their products and their characteristics, making notes of any you think might work in your office; at the same time, you could also find a partner suitable for your refurbishment project. Cross-referencing any possible suppliers on consumer websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo can give you an idea of how well their previous clients rate them.

The Different Partitioning Systems

Modern partitioning systems are easily installed by an experienced team, often without the mess of major building work, and available in both permanent and non-permanent installations to suit every budget. When used effectively can form part of a stylish, modern office interior; let’s take a look at the different options now –

  • Composite drywall partitions are a cost-effective popular choice; their lightweight but solid construction uses an aluminium framework and a mix of plasterboard and honeycomb layers that give a superb acoustic performance. They can then be finished in various textures or colours to blend into the office décor.
  • Glazed partitions – this type is increasingly used to create a modern, light, and airy office environment, available in many different configurations to suit most budgets. It uses high-performance glazing and an aluminium framework to give superb acoustic protection and allows healthy natural light to flow through the workplace.
  • Demountable partitions are a flexible system of moveable partitions that are easily moved to new areas to suit changing needs. They use an aluminium framework and honeycomb plasterboard for quick assembly and are pre-finished to suit your chosen office décor. Demountable partitions also have the bonus of being tax-deductible under section 23, list c of the capital allowances act 2001.
  • Fire Rated Partitions – this type of partition is used to protect specific office areas, such as storerooms and fire evacuation routes; they provide a barrier to the passage of fire and satisfy current fire regulations. They have superb acoustic properties if sound insulation is also a requirement.

Each of these partitioning systems could be your choice to create an innovative and inspiring office environment for your business; no matter what your budget, you can use one of these flexible systems for your office refurbishment project, find your local office partitioning specialist today!