Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder And Its Maintenance

The industrial hydraulic cylinder is equipment widely used in industries and converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It is present in many machines, such as the backhoe, being responsible for providing the force that moves the blades and the arm of this machine. The industrial hydraulic cylinder is also present in other industrial segments, such as agriculture, road, mining, construction, cargo handling, and other industries requiring large application of force.

The parts that make up the industrial hydraulic cylinder like in for instance are connection, rod, rod seal, rod guide, scraper ring, piston seal, piston chamber, front flange, cylinder, and connection. Its operation occurs through a fluid, usually oil, which generates energy according to the movement of the piston and cylinder.

Advantages Of The Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder

Some advantages that this equipment provides to the user are:

  • Increase in the useful life of machines of robust construction
  • Differentiated sealing system
  • Increased strength for large industrial applications

The industrial hydraulic cylinder can be found in different models. Parker is one of the most renowned manufacturers worldwide and offers cylinders with different diameters, strokes, and fastening options. Each series of cylinders offers mounting options, which provide greater security and flexibility in choosing the product according to the type of machine. See here how industrial hydraulic cylinder maintenance

The hydraulic cylinder is one of the most used equipment in the industrial market, being applied in different segments for different functions. Due to its continuous use, the equipment can sometimes have some failures. It is advisable to carry out hydraulic cylinder maintenance to prevent this from happening.

Hydraulic cylinder maintenance is necessary when the customer notices signs of wear during their work operations or in a preventive manner. It is worth noting that there are several different types of maintenance and that each one is indicated for a specific stage and time.

Types Of Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

Some of the types of hydraulic cylinder maintenance available in the market are:

Preventive maintenance is carried out to reduce or avoid breakdown or drop in equipment performance, usually at defined time intervals.

Corrective maintenance is performed after equipment fails or when it breaks down.

Predictive or planned maintenance: made adjustments to equipment only when needed, preventing it from breaking down.

It is essential to point out that, for the maintenance process to be carried out efficiently and safely, it is recommended that a reliable and experienced company do it.

The Importance Of Performing Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

The benefits of performing hydraulic cylinder maintenance are diverse, starting with the financial return obtained by the customer, who will save a good amount, as maintenance is a much more viable and economical process than buying a new hydraulic cylinder. The primary purpose of the hydraulic cylinder maintenance process is to prevent significant problems from occurring and, consequently, helps to prolong the life and quality of the equipment.