Texture Brings Magazines Into The Future

In an age where people predict the end of print media on a daily basis, magazines have still managed to thrive. They’re still stocked in stores everywhere and are purchased on the regular – and not just for doctor’s offices, mind you. Oh yes, even with the internet having seemingly anything you would want to find on any topic, there’s still something nice about a curated issue of content to flip through.

That doesn’t mean that the magazine can’t move into the future with the rest of us, however. Texture is the revolutionary service that brings all of your favourite magazines to your smartphone or tablet like never before. That’s right – this isn’t just like clicking on over to the website and reading an article off there. Texture brings the exact look of the magazine on to your tablet screen, with the ability to flip through pages by swiping your finger.

I know, it sounds too good to be true but rest assured that this isn’t a dinky operation. Texture gives you all the top name magazines, all contained within their easy to navigate database. Whoever you are, you’re guaranteed to find something relevant to your life.

Say you’re a real man’s man. You’re might be concerned about your physique so you need to have Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health on hand to bone up on your workout plan before hitting the gym. You’re also going to want style advice to stay eternally classy, so having access to GQ and Esquire is essential. And then, of course, you’ll need that sports fix so Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine are a must. Texture carries all of these prominent outlets and that’s just barely scratching the surface.

Not only can you stay up to date with all of these magazines, but you’ll also have access to the back issues as well. Texture’s slick interface allows you to build your own library by highlighting favourites and even bookmarking certain articles to come back to. And if you need some new reading material, Texture is always game to recommend things based on your preferences.

Other neat conveniences include the ability to use up to five different devices on one account and the option to download articles in advance in case you’ll be in an area without Wi-Fi. Best of all, the first 30 days are free when you sign up, giving you the chance to make sure Texture meets all of your expectations. Why wait?

Image and info source: Texture