Simplicity That Needs To Be Prevented for Enhanced User Experience (UX)

Simplicity is easily the most searched for after criteria for designers and professionals with regards to enhancing UX (user experience). There are several features and functionality whose absence result in the smartphone simpler but limit capacity.

Simplicity aims to limit clicks, hits, levels, and disruption in user interface (UI) by making use of various designing techniques. Techniques concentrate on merging, reducing, and abolishing elements that could result in the design, product, and widget simpler. (1)

Too Simple (2)

Sometimes searching for simplicity destroys the purpose and helps make the design ambiguous and impertinent. Certain mobile phone applications displaying quite simple gestures for navigation might simply get overlooked by users who’d rather feel at ease with an described button or widget. Not supplying a choice of warning or double asking/checking before performing a surgical procedure might are designed for enhancing simple operation, but finish up being disastrous when the app or services are accustomed to delete files/folders. An accidental operation in such instances with no undo option can finish up developing a mess rather of simplicity.

Simplicity may again result in irritability once the country listing is supplied alphabetically using more than 200 countries showing within the drop lower menu, a person surviving in a rustic starting with ‘Y’ would surely not discover the UI easy to use.

Complexity is Preferred (3)

Technology the likes of Apple and Google are providing complicated features and functionality effortlessly to make use of capacity (simplicity) and ruling we’ve got the technology arena. The concept of user experience (UX) continues to be growing tremendously because the good thing about complexity is appreciated and recognized. Simplicity in true sense means easy to handle features within the user. It certainly does not necessarily mean getting rid of important and guiding features which will make comprehension difficult.

Goals of Simplicity

Simplicity should are designed for fulfilling two fundamental goals: anyone’s expectations and the requirements of the company. Designing with simplicity, keeping both of these goals into account, produces a rewarding user experience. Simplicity isn’t an finish by itself but a way to match the finish that is simplicity of use. Simplicity must always come after ease and never before because the aim would be to match the two goals.

Designer’s Dilemma (4)

The designer needs to face a dilemma here, because the users demand both complexity and simplicity of use together. The designer needs to manage the right combine of complexity and ease and supply the greater of these two to the user for enriched user experience. As simple as it might seem, it is extremely difficult, because the designer needs to use the correct design techniques and use complexity to create a thing that is easy and simple to make use of.


Overdoing conciseness is dangerous for that user experience and helps to create more issues than we plan to resolve. Using little explanation to define the idea or inform you might backfire. A little button with no literal message may look tidy and turn into free from translation into several languages, but can risk appearing bottomless. A note which reads “4m ago” is concise but unclear, when compared with a note which states “4 min ago”. Communication shouldn’t be too puzzling for users. Displaying self explanatory buttons rather from the normal minimal word buttons for example “OK” and “Cancel” is the perfect design option and may save you from results of unread actions. Simplicity may also be promoted by utilizing images conveying messages. They can be used button headings because they easily capture attention span and appearance less cluttered when compared with lengthy descriptions. (5)

Simplicity Should Involve Context

Context allows familiarity and stop users from being confused and lost. To advertise simplicity, context can’t be done away with. The aim ought to be to make users conscious of their actions, their surroundings, and atmosphere when getting together with technology. This gives a feeling of ease and sets a dark tone of expectation. These include Apple OS and Microsoft ‘office’ Ribbon.

Guidance through Patterns

General user behavior for example swiping, holding, and scrolling have grown to be deeply engraved habits now. When experimenting with a brand new pattern you should guide you whenever possible. Comprehension shouldn’t be compromised for simplicity. Using progressive disclosures to describe an elaborate process is perfectly fine and doesn’t lower the tranquility of quotient from the design. (6)

Within the finish it may be noted that simplicity thrives with complexity.

Simplicity could be refined and given the right mixture of complexity without compromising the comprehension, proper design criteria, and supports users to achieve the best possible user experience.

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