Putting the Terrarium Together: What Materials Are Needed?

Are you looking for a Terrarium Workshop in Singapore? Terrariums are an excellent way to create your little ecosystem, and there are plenty of materials needed to make one. In this blog post, we will discuss five materials required to create your very own Terrarium!

This Terrarium should consist of the following 5 materials:

  • Plants: The most important part of a Terrarium is the plants themselves. You want different heights and sizes so that they look natural. Avoid using any poisonous or toxic plants as these can be harmful to other living things inside the Terrarium.
  • Soil: To help the plants grow, you need soil rich in nutrients and minerals such as sand, peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite.
  • Glass Jar with Lid (at least 12cm in diameter)
  • Rocks: The Terrarium should have various types of stones for the soil to be dispersed throughout. Examples are gravel, sandstone, and volcanic rock.

The Terrarium should also include one or two larger rocks that will become an island in the middle of your Terrarium where you can put taller plants like ferns on top. These islands serve as focal points and help to create depth in your Terrarium’s landscape design.

  • Sphagnum Moss: This moss is important because it will act as a protective barrier between the soil and the glass.

Where can you get these materials?

  • Local nurseries
  • Garden Centers
  • Hardware Stores, like Home Depot or True Value

There are plenty more materials needed, but these ten essentials cover all the basics! Once you have gathered up all these materials at home, it’s time to start with gathering them together and creating this masterpiece!