One Way Solution For All Your Problems: Neo Tracker Wallet 

What’s a neotracker wallet? 

The neo neotracker wallet is a light wallet with the help of which the neo holders interact with the neo blockchain. With the help of a wallet, the holder can easily create, save, and access the information and interact with the blockchain.

The wallet is developed by the e-studio. The wallet has some basic functions like importing the private keys, transferring the assets, and more. With the neo neotracker wallet, the user enjoys a higher degree of control over the digital assets.

How does the wallet work? 

The wallet is a light wallet, which means that the wallet does not require any syncing with the local devices. The neotracker web wallet uses the remote server called the NEO tracker’s blockchain explorer for fetching the data like the transaction history, the GAS left to claim, etc.

The neo tracker does not have any record of your personal information. The private keys and the encrypted Keystore files never leave the local computer you’re using. In case of any queries regarding the transactions or anything, the validator can contact customer care through the neotracker web wallet.

What are the functionalities provided by the neotracker wallet? 

The neo wallets are a secure way of performing the tasks. There are mainly five functionalities available in the neo wallet online:

  •     Wallet 

Using this, we can open up or create a new account. In addition, it is used for viewing the balance and claiming the GAS.

  •     Transfer

By this, we can send the NEO, GAS, or other tokens to the other users or validators.

  •     Transactions

We can view the transaction details through this.

  •     Transfers

By this, we can check all the transfers made during the current session.

  •     Details 

This will show us the wallet details of the holder.

How secure is the neotracker wallet? 

In the neo neotracker wallet, the tracker never sends the private key or the encrypted Keystore files outside the local server. The files and keys are stored in computers locally. Specifically talking about the keys, the private keys are stored only in the current session’s memory, and the memories are cleared between the sessions. And the encrypted files will be stored inside the local storage and will be there throughout the sessions.

In case if the intruder somehow gains access to the browser’s local storage, a password would be needed to decrypt the encrypted Keystore file.

What if the user forgets the encrypted Keystore file or the private key’s password? 

In case if you lose the password to your encrypted Keystore file or the private key, the neo wallet can not help you with that. The functionality of the neo wallet online of not storing your data and sharing it across the browser has its own pros and cons.

The neo wallets are a secure way of making transactions. The potential risks are decreased, and the user enjoys a better experience. The neotracker web wallet secures the private keys and the encrypted files from the intruders.