Invest in Bitcoin Today

For those wondering if Bitcoin is still alive and well in 2019, the answer is yes, and it’s a worthwhile investment to boot. Below is some information about this digital currency and why it would be a great investment for anyone. It doesn’t have to just be financial experts and investors who are taking advantage of Bitcoin. Everyday people throughout Melbourne can jump on this opportunity and see the fruits of this electronic currency’s labour, too.

It’s Secure

First of all, Bitcoin was created to be secure against hackers, and it is untraceable, making it safe for those who want to invest in it. Moreover, this digital currency exists only online, so it has the backing of encryption codes and software to keep it safe. Some people like that Bitcoin is not owned by a centralised bank, but rather a group of “miners” who are in charge of processing transactions. What this means for consumers is that they do not need a bank or governmental entity to use their Bitcoin currency. Miners keep a digital public ledger that is expertly secured and unhackable.

Think about credit card transactions and how they can sometimes err and double up on payments. That never happens with Bitcoin, thanks to the online public ledger that immediately tracks transactions and is constantly monitored by nodes.

It’s Cryptocurrency’s Golden Child

Cryptocurrency, or digital currency, is growing by the day, and Bitcoin continues to come out on top. Out of all of the folks who are involved with digital currency, the large majority of them are using Bitcoin. Two famous Bitcoin investors are the Winklevoss twins, who made a seed investment in a Bitcoin payment processor called BitInstant. Today, that investment is worth $1 billion U.S. dollars. While Bitcoin may be primarily for investing right now, financial experts predict that the cryptocurrency will be used for making service and goods purchases. After all, this is already happening in Japan. Who’s to say that more people won’t buy Bitcoin in Melbourne?

It’s Readily Available

There is no need to hesitate when investing in this cryptocurrency. In fact, anyone can purchase Bitcoin today. As it stands now, there are plenty of investors who are jumping into Bitcoin now, especially since the prices are soaring. This makes it a great investment, one that could pay off in major ways down the road. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is with cash, although credit and debit cards as well as PayPal are options, too. A Bitcoin office in Melbourne is the best place to go because the experts there can present up-to-the-minute exchange rates as well as future predictions. It’s an awesome resource for learning more about this famous cryptocurrency and what to expect from an investment.