How To Use Transfer Pump Systems

In the manufacturing industry, there is a lot of waste that needs to be filtered out. This is particularly true, of course, when the manufacturing process uses a lot of water.  Fluid transfer pump systems, then, are involved in the process of water purification and desalination or in the handling of liquid applications.

What is a Fluid Transfer Pump System?

A fluid transfer pump system is a system defined by the type of pump, construction material, or media pumped or the industries or applications they serve.  A fluid transfer pump system utilizes two fundamental types of pumping action. These are dynamic and displacement fluid transfer pumps.

Dynamic Transfer Pump systems (also known as Kinetic Pump Systems) impart energy to the fluid within the system. Typically, this process involves speeding up the energy within the fluid to a level that is greater than the energy allowed by said fluid’s outlet port.  On the other hand, a displacement transfer pump compresses fluids by lowering the volume of this fluid within a specialized fluid transfer chamber.

There are many types of fluid transfer system configurations. This can include piston-cylinder combinations, diaphragm oscillation, or rotating members. In addition, fluid transfer pump systems utilize various types of fluid transfer pumps. This can include: axial pumps, bladder pumps, cantilever pumps, centrifugal pumps, circumferential pumps, and more.

Water Purification and Desalination

Transfer pump systems involved with water purification are used to suck and feed liquid materials into a stainless hopper. The hopper, of course, catches the liquid for the purpose of performing the desired task.  In terms of purification, obviously, when the liquid reaches the hopper, this is where the purification will begin.  It is also where desalination will begin. If chemicals are required, this is where they are applied.  In addition, the water will then be exited the hopper, typically through some kind of filter which catches what impurities or salt may have been extracted, but not fully removed, from the liquid at the time.

Heat Transfer and Liquid Applications Handling

Transfer pump systems are also involved with heat transfer and liquid application handling.

Fluid transfer pump systems are used in processing, water purification and desalination, or liquid handling applications. Some products are used in heat transfer applications or fluid flow and heat transfer applications. Others are designed to transport a heat transfer fluid or coolant.