How to Choose the Right Compressor

You work hard, and you should always expect the same from your equipment and tools. When air compressors are needed, there is nothing better than a rotary screw compressor. These run 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, and they do not stop working for years and years. For these reasons, more and more workers choose rotary screw compressors over any other option. In fact, if you need more than a 60% duty cycle from your machinery or tools at any given time, you need to choose a rotary screw compressor to get the job done.

How They Work

A rotary screw compressor is powered when air enters a sealed chamber. Once there, it is trapped between two contra-rotating rotors, otherwise known as the screws. As the rotors inter-mesh, they reduce the volume of the trapped air and deliver the compressed air at the proper pressure level.

These machines are extremely efficient and do their jobs very well. Once you have a compressor of this kind at your disposal, you will never need to worry about it again. Maintenance is also simple and easy to do, making rotary screw air compressors a great option for anyone in need of a compressor.

Energy Savings

A rotary screw compressor will save you hundreds each year in energy costs. One of the first things you are likely to notice about these compressors is the price tag. At first, they may appear more expensive that other types of compressors, but the investment will save you far more in the long run. This is due to their enormous ability to save you energy costs.

Reciprocating air compressors require so much energy to use that you exceed their cost within the first year. A rotary screw compressor, in comparison, will take 10 years to use just 70% of the purchase cost. If you need a compressor and need to save as much as possible, this is the only option that will help you do so without exception. In fact, many models use as much as 30% less energy than standards allow, meaning you save even more.


These compressors were designed to run constantly for as many as 10 years without interruption. A rotary screw compressor can handle the high demands of almost all professional garages, factories, and any other industrial settings. Whatever your needs might be, you can trust your compressor to get the job done and with the right force.

Since you can rely on their longevity and great service, these compressors are found on oil rigs, at amusement parks, and in many other sectors of industry. No matter what you need to power, you can trust that these compressors can handle the job for a lower long-term cost and minimal maintenance.

Whether this is your first time buying a compressor or not, you cannot afford to use any other kind. The higher price might make you hesitate at first, but this is a serious investment into the future of your business. Your investment will pay for itself tenfold in both energy savings and efficiency every year you use the compressor. After all is said and done, you cannot afford to wait.