How to choose between paper shredding services? Find more here!

Identity theft, misuse of information and data are serious concerns for businesses, and it is important to ensure that old papers and documents are disposed effectively. There are privacy laws like HIPAA and FACTA in place, and other state and federal also have specific directions. Instead of buying and maintaining shredders at the work place, you can opt for paper shredding services, which are economical and professional in more ways than one. While there are plenty of options out there, here’s what you must keep in mind while selecting a company.

Check what’s on offer

Some of the paper shredding services have specific packages and contracts for businesses, which can be pretty handy, especially if you need to reduce paper load on a regular basis. You may also want to check some of these aspects.

  • Does the company offer mobile services? At times, you may have documents that cannot be sent anywhere else but must be destroyed under your supervision. In such cases, mobile paper shredding services can be handy. The truck can be docked in the parking area or driveway, where the work can be completed in an hour or more.
  • What options do they have for offsite shredding? Typically, mobile services tend to be more expensive, because everything comes to the doorstep. With offsite services, you can expect easy and convenient pickups, after which the documents and material are taken to a facility for further disposal and recycling.

  • Do they also offer residential paper shredding services? Besides businesses, many individuals also need such services, so find a company that can also come handy beyond the business premises.
  • How do they store the documents? It may take a while before the documents are disposed, and it is important to check how they plan to ensure the safety and security of the stocked material.
  • Do they screen their staff? Eventually, the shredding work would be done by the staff of the company, and you must be assured that each of the team members have been trained and screened for the job.

Finally, check if the company is a NAID “AAA-Certified” document destruction organization and whether they give a certificate for the work done. They should also focus on recycling the shredded material, so that the work can eventually benefit the environment, as well. Check online and make a shortlist of services, and yes, ask for document containers to send your material to their site.