Four Car Designs Toyota Has Made to Help Prevent Car Accidents


Over the last few years, we have witnessed huge technological advancements in the automobile industry, aimed at minimizing both the severity and the incidences of car crashes. Car manufacturers such as Volvo, Mercedes, Subaru and perhaps BMW, all have been on the forefront when it comes to pre-safety measures. It has reached the point where these manufacturers have gone far beyond designing their vehicles as robust as possible to keep the occupants safe in the event of an accident. In fact, the latest cars are uniquely designed to avoid accidents in the first place actively. We are not just witnessing accident prevention technologies appear on high-end vehicles either, but across the whole spectrum.

So today in this post, we are going to examine in details, the four car designs that the Toyota has made, to aid in preventing car crashes. Read on and enhance your knowledge.

Apparently, Toyota has been engaged in developing both passive and active safety technologies, solely based on the integrated safety management concept. The primary objective of this move is to achieve the future mobility society’s goal of zero casualties from road accidents.

4. Toyota Pre-Collision Safety Systems.

The latest cars from Toyota have been equipped with pre-collision systems. This technology incorporates the use of great cameras and radars to help cars avoid crashes at all costs. This procedure splits potential accidents into four distinct steps. These measures include the possibility of a collision, the detection of the vehicle ahead, the unavoidable collision and finally, the high possibility of an accident.

During these four steps, the car will provide a visual and an alarm warning, followed by an expert braking assistance, and if needed, an automatic braking. This is a massive step toward ensuring that the incidence of car accidents is reduced dramatically.

3. Toyota Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management.

Some of Toyota’s cars are equipped with this technology, with the primary objective being to offer the maximum stability of the vehicle, based on car performance control technology. Passive safety, driving stability and ideal maneuverability are significant and fundamental success elements. This feature aims to successfully reduce the possibility of an accident by integrating Vehicle Stability Control and power steering together, as one system.

2. Passive Safety Technologies.

In this concept, Toyota aims to design their cars with advanced bodies which can play a role in mitigating pedestrian injuries. Perhaps it is worth to note that this move by Toyota, started way back in 2001. The company has gone and expanded this technology, and have now developed individual pop-up hoods which even applies to cars with low hoods which cannot maintain enough space underneath. This safety system functions with the help of bumper sensors, which can detect a collision with the pedestrian, thereby lifting the hood’s back section, creating sufficient space under the hood. This is useful since it contributes to a significant reduction of related head injuries to the car occupants.

1. Vehicle Stability Control.

This is an active safety technology and an efficient driver support system which can detect the loss of traction or even a slip when negotiating sharp corners or when on a slippery road. When this is sensed, an automatic braking is applied to all the four original car tires, and additionally, the engine power is decreased significantly.

It is evident that Toyota, as an automobile company has done a commendable job, in a bid to curb road carnage incidences. Their efforts do not halt with safety technologies, though, since they have additionally conducted driver awareness programs such as traffic safety education, to make traffic accidents less likely.

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The Bottom Line.

Toyota is focused on creating a road environment free from accidents. They have designed and continue to build cars equipped with high-end technologies, aimed at helping reduce crashes. The article has examined a few examples of its effective accident reduction strategies.