Current Free Tuition Universities in Europe For Worldwide Students

Tuition free universities for worldwide students continue to be around regardless the truth that the some governments in Europe stopped granting free tuition to worldwide students. Norway for example accustomed to grant free education to applicants around the globe including Nigerian applicants and Africa in general. Tuition to those free tuition universities was exclusively funded through the government of those countries. But lately, the federal government of Norway altered their policy and made the decision charging for tuition. This decision isn’t general as some applicants using their company countries aren’t impacted by the insurance policy.

The bottom line is, this insurance policy affects citizens from countries which are outdoors the Eu and also the European Economic Area. Also residents in Norway who don’t have resident permits are influenced by the insurance policy.

This insurance policy takes immediate effect right from the start of fall semester 2011. The final admission before to spring semester 2011. So those who are trying to get the spring semester aren’t impacted by the insurance policy until they complete their enter in the universities they’ve been accepted to. The deadline with this spring semester application is 15th August 2010 as the deadline for submission of supporting documents is first September, 2010. Applicants is going to be notified of the results by the start of November.

If you’re not lucky to use prior to the above deadline, you may still find other universities in Europe that provide free education for worldwide students. Because the government of Norway stopped granting free tuition to worldwide students with effect from fall semester 2011, some Countries in europe did not stop free tuition for worldwide students. But the truth is nobody knows the long run plan of those countries to alter the amount policy regarding free tuition to worldwide students.

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