Check Why Corporate Gifting Is a Great Marketing Tool!

Promoting a brand, product, or even a new service, takes a lot of effort. Companies often have to indulge in varied forms of marketing, and it may take time, effort and a good chunk of marketing resources. Usually, the promotional techniques are largely dependent on marketing objectives, but if your focus is on relationship building with clients, corporate gifting is a great idea. Read on to find some of the advantages of corporate giveaways and how you can find the right vendor for your marketing goods.

 The benefits of corporate gifts

  1. If you want your customers and prospects to know of your brand, this is the best marketing tool at hand. It doesn’t take extensive effort and yet creates the right impact, because customers get more than what they pay for a product or service.
  2. Secondly, corporate gifts are cheap. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the campaign right. Marketing experts work around a pre-decided budget, which curtails the expenses, and in terms of overall pricing, the costs are way lower than other marketing techniques.
  3. Giveaways create a positive image of your brand. It allows customers to think of the concerned company beyond the ads and banners. Also, depending on the gift you choose, you can lead the customer to believe that the company cares for their needs.


  1. Usually, corporate gifts are given with a sense of utility. Every time the customer uses the product or novelty, he will think of your brand in a positive way. In short, you are giving something valuable and worth using, with charging anything extra.
  2. Finally, it rebuilds and seals relationships with customers. Apart from targeting new customers, corporate brands also spend on retailing their existing patrons, and gifting does that perfectly. From sending something after a special event to offering a product during the holiday season, the options are many and unique enough to forge long term relationships.

Choosing a vendor

First and foremost, you have to decide on the budget of the campaign, which will help in narrowing down the options. Following the budget, you have to make a choice between regular novelties and special items, depending on what you can spare on each product. Look for vendors who are willing to offer products customized for your needs. The printing aspects are also something that must be decided beforehand. Ideally, it isn’t a good idea to print a lot of things. You can choose to keep things simple with just a logo, brand name and probably a tagline, if the design permits. When you talk to a seller, make sure that they can handle the order size for a certain date. Take a written contract on the timeline of work and do not hesitate in asking for discounts.


If you are unsure of the gift items that may fit your budget and marketing goals, you can talk to the concerned seller and ask for suggestions. It is also a worthy idea to consider green or eco-friendly gifts.