5 Types of Storage Available

The self-storage facility offers windowless rooms with a roll-up access door similar to a garage.  Usually, these rooms are connected with a series of other such storage units of same or different shape and sizes. From outside it looks like a chain of many garages in one single premise but with individual doors. You will be given a separate lock and key which you need to use while accessing the unit. You will have to pay the rents on a monthly basis or depending on the rules they maintain about the payment packages etc.

People get such units on rent when they fall short of space in their own houses or when they are moving. Again, such units are widely rented by the business houses to store their stuff and especially, the documents in separate boxes, along with old computers, and other electronic or furnishing stuff. Even when you are not moving- you can get the space to move in your car or the ski boats.

Here, we have sorted 5 different types of storage available widely

Outdoor storage

If you have a large vehicle to keep for a long-term or short-term- you can rent the outdoor storage in the facility to park your RV, truck, any large vehicle, boat, ski boats etc.


Indoor storage

These are the safest storages which are only allowed to access through various security checking. You will have to get inside the premise to access the self-storage unit. Usually, people store important documents and belongings in these rented units if they fall short of space in their own home. If you have similar issues and want some additional space to store the things, renting storage units located at a close proximity from your house will be a sought after way to keep things intact.

Mobile self-storage pods for the warehouses

Often business owners get the mobile self-storage pods within their commercial properties to store documents, stock, electronic goods, machines, equipment etc. This is usually rented when the warehouse or factory is under renovation. Mostly, the mobile self-storage pods are used temporarily. Soon after the renovation or commercial cleaning is done, the things are stacked back to its previous position.

Mobile storage pods for residential use

If your house is under renovation or you have just moved and messed up with a few stuff more to keep. This is the high-time when you should be a mobile storage pod and keep inside your property to stack the excess belongings inside it. Moreover, you will have the freedom of keeping it for as long as you want until and unless you are paying the rents.


Drive up storage

In the drive up storage, you can get the room sizes of various sizes. If you are only about to stack books or store some extra clothes then opting for smaller unit storage makes sense. Otherwise, if you have to store furniture, equipment, fitness machines or garage tools etc.

As a matter of fact, you can store almost anything in these storage units, which is a huge help indeed.