3 Website Fails That Are Affecting Your Business

A website is no longer deemed a luxury feature, it is more of a necessity. However, just because you have invested in a website doesn’t mean that it is proven effective in joining hands with your customers and eventually enhancing your sales. There could be many reasons to why isn’t your website producing effective results. We have listed some of the website fails for the same so that you can address them immediately.

  1. It is not mobile friendly

Nowadays, the mobile revolution is booming and on the go digital is the latest trend you can follow. It means that the internet usage is shifting from the desktop to the portable devices department. In other words, your business website needs to be optimized for the mobile users. Unluckily, there are still a lot of websites that aren’t mobile friendly. This is deemed bad for the business as it can lead to penalties from the big shot companies, it can decrease your conversation rates as well as deliver your customers a very poor experience. To ensure that your site is ready for mobile users, ensure that you have a responsive design, have large and clear buttons and do your due diligence on the testing, and keeping the layout simple and clean. You can either go DIY or hire a web designer.

  1. Your website is overloaded with incomprehensible industry jargon

It is understandable that you are an expert in your field and you want to showcase your knowledge and authority. But you also have you understand that unless you are speaking to your colleagues, your average customer isn’t going to comprehend any of the technical language or industry jargon you have used to describe your business in the entire website. Prevent the jargon and use straightforward language that you can easily understand.

  1. Your website lacks content

Your customers come to you with a problem. And they are asking you to solve them with the help of your website. Hence, your website should always have fresh and valuable content that addresses the real life questions. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always mean that they are seeking your exact business. To keep it short, start writing blogs and keep penning down superb content! This also helps in enhancing your SEO and the content marketing efforts you have been investing.

These are the major website fails that need immediate attention, fix these and get your business on track again!