What Is Dry Ice Cleaning?

There are many different cleaning services out there, but a unique feature that only some offer is dry ice cleaning. Understanding how this works and how it could potentially benefit your commercial space is the first step to finding the right cleaning company to work with. This type of cleaning is very thorough and works well on stubborn areas. You will find that it is suitable for many different kinds of spaces and even some equipment. Getting a consultation with a cleaner that offers this is a simple way to see if the services will benefit your business.

Using Dry Ice to Clean

When a company uses dry ice in its cleaning services, they are performing what is known as carbon dioxide cleaning. They turn carbon dioxide into a solid form by pressurising it in a machine. The result is dry ice which is the cleaning component that they can blast in designated areas that must be cleaned. With the power of the pressure and steam, the dry ice is turned into a very effective method that gets surfaces in pristine condition.

If you are familiar with sandblasting, dry ice blasting is similar in the way that pressure is used to create a strong flow that will be sure to clear the area effectively. Using dry ice is beneficial because it is not toxic, not damaging to most surfaces, and not flammable. These are very important benefits because they are an indication of the safety of the process of using dry ice to clean.

How It Works

To get the benefits of cleaning with dry ice, you need to find a cleaning company that offers this. You can look for industrial cleaners in your area to see if they use dry ice in their services. After you find a few places, you can call and describe the area that you want to be cleaned. Make sure to detail all of the components and materials during the first meeting to see if the company can help you.

This is a great method for getting industrial spaces cleaned. Dry ice is very beneficial, and you can see all the ways that it can help get your space looking its best. There are many great cleaning companies that are local and affordable. Calling for a consultation will show you which ones are the most affordable and the most experienced.

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