What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of currency which exist digitally rather than in banks and fiat currency. It is therefore a unique form of currency which exists in blockchain technology for people to mine, sell and buy as part of the various investments in the same. The use of bitcoins has improved tremendously in the past few years with several countries now accepting it as a form of payment. These here are the few outstanding advantages you enjoy when you buy cryptocurrency Singapore  today.

Secure and affordable transaction

Since bitcoin transactions are always peer to peer, there is high quality security that you will enjoy when using it. No one can trace your transactions like the credit companies that people use and most importantly there are no absurd charges on your transactions which make expenses very affordable for the sender and the recipient.

Full control over your money

Is there a time when you need a lot of money for personal reasons but are restricted from the same by banking institutions that you use? This is a common issue among banks that customers do not like. If you want to exercise full control of your money in terms of withdrawal, expenditure and saving, cryptocurrency is the right option to run to. With it you can withdraw as you want and the amount that you please.