Refit Your Office Space

It is exciting to move into a new office space. When your business grows and expands, it opens up new doors in the competitive market. However, what happens when you open the door to your new office and it does not suit your needs? Is it a large one-room area? How will you set up desks to optimise space and efficiency? Have you thought about creating privacy? If you are in Gloucestershire, you can have your office refitted by the processionals. They will sit down with you for a consultation to discuss your business needs and create a modern space that best suits your operations.

Glass Partitions

Double-glazed glass partitions are attractive, sleek, and modern. They are extremely popular in many commercial workplaces and settings. Whether you have a small business or an entire floor to renovate, glass partitions are an easy way to transform the space. Glass partitions can be easily installed on different coloured tracks such as white, silver, black, and grey. The professionals will assess and evaluate your current space. They will create a design that will enhance your business operations. Glass partitions are full height, unlike small cubicle walls. They create better privacy and allow natural light to create an open-spaced work setting.

Drop Ceilings

When you need an office re-fit in Gloucestershire, you should consider suspended office ceilings. Suspended ceilings are popular because they are appealing but also serve a purpose. Your office space will require wiring, heating, and plumbing. Sometimes, the wiring cannot be updated through the walls. Drop ceilings provide a space to cover wiring, pipes, and other eyesore necessary utilities. You can also select from different lighting sources. Softer lighting can help create a warmer environment and be easier on the employees’ eyes.

It is difficult to keep up with technological needs as your business grows. You may have to buy a larger switchboard, adapters, install hardwiring, and boosters. Your employees may use VOIP phones, computers, and other devices that require high-speed internet. The IT crew may suggest running wires along walls or under carpets. These options can be dangerous and expensive. You do not want to have to recarpet the entire commercial floor. You may also not want to run wires along the edges of floors or walls because employees can trip and hurt themselves. Instead, drop ceilings are a perfect way to hide the wiring.