Money Lenders and The Indegent

When Kate pushes the doorway a bell tinkles.

Peadar O’Driscoll seems from nowhere. Black teeth along with a phony smile are his trademarks. He chews tobacco and it has the nasty practice of spitting his dark saliva right into a poky corner of his establishment.

‘Be God, when not me favourite widow, Kate Sheehan. You are gettin’ better lookin’ every single day. Are ye gettin’ more youthful or what?’

‘Ah now, Mr O’Driscoll, I simply required the design the great Lord provided and they have done me no harm till now.’

‘Pleasure to complete, to determine you, Kate,’ wishing she does not notice his presumptuous slip that she’ll provide him good business.

She does notice. In addition, she does not such as the over familiarity in becoming known as Kate with a man she rarely sees and wouldn’t care if she never sees again.

‘Is there whatever you don’t auction, Mr O’Driscoll?’

‘I do me better to keep a little bit of everything.’

‘Including tobacco.’

He refrains from spitting just like he is going to achieve this. The trapped saliva has nowhere to visit but lower his throat. Swallowing bad taste and the pride simultaneously within the interest of economic is really a small cost to pay for.

‘There is really a marketplace for tobacco now, to be certain there’s. There’s nothin’ like the design of tobacco being applied and smoked and chewed, it is a… ‘

‘I’ll be gettin’ no tobacco.’

‘And what can ye be gettin’?’

‘I’m going to possess a good browse around before I decide.’

‘Wise lady, Kate. You can be assured my merchandise is of the highest quality quality.’

Kate is not so sure. ‘Where would you get all of this stuff? Made of woll, cotton, tobacco, sugar, oat and barley and yellow meal, iron kettles, a wood stool, nails. Nails?’

‘Coffin nails, the most effective.A

‘Jaysis, allow me to live first. Where have you say you have these items?’

‘In the marketplace place, Kate, to be certain it’s. Is not the marketplace where anybody can purchase anything when the cost is appropriate.A

‘And if you possess the money.’

‘You have to spend some money to earn money, this is the risk a business person for example meself takes.’

‘By the cut o’ you, you are doin’ okay. Should you produce a number of that made of woll I’ll cause you to a set of mitts that’ll keep the busy hands warm this winter season. You are able to produce a couple of pounds of oatmeal in my trouble.’

‘Boyso but you are a difficult businesswoman, Kate. Food’s scarce enough and you are lucky I’ve oatmeal to market whatsoever because soon you mightn’t have it for love nor money.’

‘What’s the tiniest weight of oatmeal you sell?’

‘A pound.’

‘What will a pound seem like in weight?’

‘The filled with this cup.’

‘That’s a little cup.’

‘I’ll weigh it around the scale. Here is a 1 lb weight. I’ll place a full cup alternatively finish, see?’

‘Let me have the weight from the cup.’ Kate feels the lightness before asking, ‘How much for six cups.’

O’Driscoll purses his lips, sucks in air, closes his eyes and thinks for any couple of seconds. He then jots lower his cost on scrap newspaper.

‘I’ll take six cups should you produce a luck cent.’

‘I’m sorry, Kate, there will be no luck cent at this cost. You are able to pay us a small deposit now and also the rest if you have it, before Christmas.’

Kate’s pride is exactly what brings her for this shady loan shark. The generosity of her neighbours is putting on thin and she or he does not wish to impose anymore on their own goodwill. Each small spoonful of ground grain is nourishment her boy, Donal, badly needs. She takes another consider the cup.

‘Give me six.’

Lifting the cup, the gombeen man provides a small bag to Kate. ‘Hold the mouth area open for me personally. Look, here is a full cup. One. That’s one. You count beside me Kate.’

Both of them count.

‘Come on now, you’ll provide a poor widow another for luck.’

‘I stated there wasn’t any luck cent, that is what we agreed.’

‘You stated it, I did not.’

Kate puts her hands to grab an additional number of oatmeal and O’Driscoll squeezes her wrists to restrain her. Together with her mind bowed along with a tear blob on her eye she’s powerless to face up to. This cruel ogre doesn’t have pity and the avarice no limitations. Just like a surfeited spider he sucks the lifeblood from her.

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