Learn How to Upgrade Your Existing Treasury Management System

Insufficient consideration towards planning lowers the chances of success of the project. We will show you how a treasury management software system helps in meeting the organizational needs of the company properly.

Usefulness of treasury management software

Present day’s technology such as emails, spreadsheets, and multiple bank web systems leads to chances of operational risk. It can be failing to complete, intentional or unintentional errors etc. Automated treasury technology offers a global “visibility” to reduce operational risk in highly complicated organizations with several outputs and inputs.

Making investment in treasury management solution is a smart decision that has been taken by various global enterprises. It paves road for finance teams to improve payment operations and treasury.

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How to make a start with a treasury management system?

One of the best places to begin a progress in the treasury management function is by implementing a treasury management software system or upgrading the existing system to a higher level, with the objective to enhance risk and cash management decisions. Firms deploy TMS in hope that they would achieve a few features such as:

  • process automation,
  • better cash visibility,
  • improved controls,
  • process standardization,
  • optimized cash utilization,
  • reduced fraud, and
  • better management and financial reporting.

How to choose the right treasury management solution?

However, implementing new technology is not going to be cheap. It implies that treasury requires to provide a convincing argument in support of the adoption of technology. The cost of new TMS system along with cumbersome process makes treasury departments to resist change and stick with their old systems forever.

Selection between a SaaS model or an installed system mostly relies on the use. It is not just the software installation, but also its patches, upgrades, establishment, maintenance of outbound and inbound banking communications that plays a major role in making the decision for the adoption of the technology. So, a firm has to consider all these areas before they choose the right software in response to the firm’s needs.


With the increase in market volatility, cyber risks and fraud over a decade, more and more corporate executives are realizing the significance of the treasury function. It is one such powerful technology that has the capabilities to meet the boards and management teams effectively.