How to increase views in your YouTube channel 

Creators are trying hard to dominate the YouTube space, it is considered a high paying platform. Many creators are also earning thousands of dollars from these platforms. Some even buy YouTube views to increase the ranking of their videos at the beginning. You can buy views on YouTube  from different online platforms. We are going to discuss some tips for increasing views on YouTube.

Optimization of videos is important 

The content of the video is important for sure but it is also important to optimize the content posted on YouTube. Make sure that the main keyword of the video is used in the title of the video as well. YouTube is also a search engine; therefore, the SEO of the videos matters. Many items are considered by the algorithm of YouTube, make sure that the file name of the video which you upload is the same as the keyword of the video. Use the keyword in the tags and the description of the videos as well. Some tools are also available which you can use for the keyword research for YouTube, you can also check the google trends for finding out keywords. If you are including keywords that are not related to your videos, you may face a penalty from YouTube. The title of the video should be between 60 characters to 70 characters.

Optimization of the channel is important 

Optimization of the channel is also important for the high ranking of your videos. When your channel is optimized, this will strengthen your brand and help you get more views on your videos. The branding of the YouTube channel and the linked social media platforms and website should be the same. The logo on the channel and the website should be similar, you will also find the template in creator academy which could be used for designing the banner art of the YouTube. The description of the channel should be optimized, it should give a clear idea to the audience about the type of content which you are going to post on that channel.

Add social links 

Make sure that you are adding links to your YouTube videos on all social media platforms. It should be easy for the viewers to find out about the YouTube channel. If you have a following on other social media platforms, you can make small teasers regarding the video and post it on social media platforms with a link pointing towards the original video as well.

Create a trailer for your YouTube channel 

You should create a trailer for the YouTube channel, this is a short video which is visible to the new visitors when they visit your channel. This is actually an opportunity for the channel to talk to its audience about the type of videos that you are going to post on your channel. You can encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel as well in this video. Make sure you keep this video under 1 minute. Lastly, it is important to create catchy thumbnails for all of your videos, however, don’t try to mislead viewers through thumbnails.