How The Printing Industry Revolutionised Food Packaging

The competition in the food industry is fierce, and manufacturers compete against each other to win consumers’ attention for their brands. The printing industry has helped revolutionise the food packaging you see on your shelves, and modern printing techniques can create eye-catching packaging that grabs consumers’ attention. The printing industry has also helped in other ways, and you can see some of the benefits that the industry has brought to food packaging by reading below.

Ensuring Food Reach Specific Temperatures

Thermochromic ink has helped revolutionise the food packaging industry, and this colour-changing ink can show when foods are heated to about the correct temperature. It can assist with the sterilisation process and ensure the foods you pack meet the standard requirements. When the ink changes from black to blue, it shows that the food has been heated to a temperature between 115 and 125 degrees Celsius. It is ideal for use on plastic pouches and cans, and the ink is quick drying, which keeps the packaging manufacturing moving swiftly.

Getting Noticed By Customers

Modern digital printing techniques have made it significantly much easier and more economical to print eye-catching packaging in various colours. No matter how many units you want to print, it is much easier, quicker, and economical to use a digital printing process, and colourful and attractive designs can help attract customers to your products. Packaging design has almost become a science with the thought and detail that goes into making it, and the packing can help your products be a resounding success.

The Possibility Of Short Print Runs

When you were looking to develop a new product, when ordering the packaging, you would previously need to order it in a large quantity to make it economically viable. It allows manufacturers to test new products in shorter runs to see whether they are feasible for the company and whether consumers like them. It will enable manufacturers to experiment more with their product range, ultimately benefiting consumers by giving them more choices.

Personalised Packaging Options

An excellent way to help your products stand out on the shelves is to personalise them, which we have seen many global corporations take advantage of, such as Coca-Cola. They printed cans and bottles of their world-famous soft drinks in various people’s names so that consumers could buy cans with their names on them. Using this form of promotion for your products can significantly boost your sales, and it helps you get closer to your target audience and increase brand loyalty.

Protect Your Brand

Utilising the latest printing techniques can also help protect your brand, making it difficult for counterfeiters and easier for consumers to tell whether they are a genuine product. You can use various inks to help protect your brand and highlight cheap imitations of your products. You will always get forgers making cheap imitations, but if these are easy to spot, consumers will usually choose the quality product instead.

These are a few ways modern printing has helped revolutionise food packaging, ensuring that consumers are safe and can identify the quality products on the market easily.