Fire Watch Guards: Absolute Security from Fire Outbreak

If you own a business, work as a construction site manager, or have a factory, there is a constant fear of an accidental outbreak especially, for a fire outbreak. A fire watch is a must while performing “hot work.” To tackle these unpredicted disastrous events, let’s know about the team of people who can help prevent and minimalize the damage that may include loss of lives.

Who are Fire Watch Guards?

Fire Watch Guards are on-site safety management performed by specially trained guards. They are highly experienced and well-trained fireguards providing their services. Putting off the fire is not their only job. They have specialized in finding potential fire-causing agents to prevent the fire beforehand.

Where is a team of fireguards required?

  1. Construction site- These guards are mandatory to have on a construction site as it has several fire hazards. They patrol in the surroundings looking for causative agents for a fire to prevent it ahead of time.
  2. Foundry- Workers working in a foundry produce metal castings by melting the metal into liquid. Another place where you need a trained team of guards to contain the fire, a foundry
  3. In case of any fire hazards- Other places where the probability of a fire outbreak is highare chemical storage rooms, nuclear power plants, etc. These fire guards are well-trained for minimizing the damage of property and life.

Below mentioned are the responsibilities of a fireguard.


The areas where the fire utilized in an occupation need to be well-protected. Your fire alarms may or may not work when needed.  These fireguards maintain vigilance for potential fires. They are present on the site of duty until your or your workers’ jobs accomplish.

Well-prepared with equipment

The fire guards are ready to operate hydrants, fire extinguishers, and other medical kits for an unforeseen emergency. They religiously follow their job of evacuating the building, treating the injured (if any), and putting off the fire before it causes any damage.

Highly experienced and trained

The fire guards are well trained and familiar with the procedure of controlling and putting off the fire. These are certified guards with three years of studies and real-life training sessions. They are reliable and trustworthy to provide fire security to your property.

If you find yourself in a situation subjected to fire outbreak risks, immediately hire a Fire Watch Guards to ensure least to no property and life loss. No matter how much you secure your property with modern types of equipment, there is always a risk of a fire hazard that will be taken care of by these trained fireguards.