Check These 10 Pointers Before Hiring A Call Answering Service!

With increasing competition, you must do more for your customers than just offering good products and services. One of the important aspects is customer service, and for that, you can always hire a call answering service. Outsourcing customer care requirements isn’t new but selecting a company that can keep up the reputation of your business is hard. Here are the 10 things you must check before signing a call answering service Australia.

  • Is the company reputed? If yes, they must have enough clients and will never shy away from offering references. You may also want to test their response when you call or email them. If they cannot serve their own customers, what can they probably do for your company?

  • Do they offer packages? Most small businesses and start-ups hire call answering services, and therefore, having budget packages is important. Also, you should have the choice of paying as per calls answered.
  • Do they have their own team? Don’t be surprised, but many companies in this industry are understaffed. More often than not, the cheaper services hire people as per contract requirements, and these are not professionals.
  • Will they customize everything? Some answering services just take up simple custom greetings, but others will make sure that their staff and receptionists are trained for your business needs. This make a HUGE difference.

  • Can they offer an account manager? If you expect to receive more than 50 calls per month, you may need an account manager to keep a tab on things. This just helps in making the most of leads, queries and other aspects.
  • Are they available 24/7? That’s another point to note, because business hours of clients can change. As such, you need a company that can work round the clock and take care of your customers.
  • Do they offer call transfers? This is usually charged additionally but is one of the many things that must be taken into account. Do check the charges per call, to have an idea of the possible costs per month.

Finally, check if the company offers a trial period, which can help in testing their services. You can get a 7 Day Free Trial, besides complete assistance on custom needs. While you can always find offshore services, selecting a local company is always better, given that you can hold them responsible for possible issues and disputes. Check online now to shortlist a few choices.