Business Meeting Breakfast: What Food to Include?

Business breakfast is the latest trend in the business world because one tends to be more productive in the morning than in afternoon or evening.

If you are considering a breakfast meeting to explore your business networks, then you’re at the right place. Follow our breakfast catering tips to impress your clients and business associates and to make your event more successful!

Planning your breakfast catering menu

Continental style

It will be a good idea to go for continental when the meeting is for customers, staff or middle level employees. You may get various options here, depending upon the event planner’s choice. Common items are:

  • Two to three juices (orange, tomato)
  • Baked bread like toasts, croissants etc
  • Seasonal fruit and dried fruits
  • Coffee/tea

Traditional buffet

This choice works the best when you don’t have to worry about the budget. This is because it’s little expensive. Also, the choice seems best during winters, as people are more conscious about health during winters. The diet includes items like Scrambled eggs, Fried potatoes, bacons, sausage etc.

Breakfast Stations

Make your event more memorable with make-your-meal options. Consider this option if the attendees belong to mid and upper level category. You can also include it with breakfast buffet and continental style. The diet includes food items made of fresh ingredients. Expect following items:

  • Pancake station
  • Omelet station
  • Waffle station

Plated breakfast

They’ll give a formal touch to your business meeting. It’s a combination of traditional breakfast and continental. However, you can expect local meal and traditional breakfast items from some caterers. Plated breakfast is an ideal choice if it’s an executive breakfast meet.

La carte options

Here, the price is based on food quantity and not the person which is why La carte would not be a good choice. However, you may include la carte items with continental or buffet style. Some of the la carte items are:

  • Flavored coffees
  • Lemonade, iced tea

Apart from these, one must include following things in the corporate functions

  • Breakfast bagels with bacon and some other complementary flavors will keep you charged for the whole day.
  • For specific dietary requirements, Vegan breakfast bagels can be options.
  • Breakfast Wraps will be a very healthy choice as it’s highly rich in protein. You would definitely want something healthy to stay charged in such meetings. Don’t you?

Finally, Fruits skewer with honey and yoghurt will make you feel fresh.  As an added bonus, they’re free from common food allergens. Isn’t it great?