Breaking up with your customers: Painful yet effective

Breakups are painful but this breakup may profit millions. No it’s not like alimony, it’s not a marriage.

Business and Customer relationship can be considered as a human relationship where every up and down matters. Small changes to big decisions matters to both, silence from one side rises a sense of concern to both. It’s a two way thing. Getting cheated, patch-up with ex-partner..happens in this world too.

If one is loyal, never runs out of loving and surprising, cares with most of the needs, any relation can workout for a long run, whether it is a Human relationship or a Business-Customer one.

How Can we compare a Human Relationship to a Business-Customer Relationship?

The basic of every relationship is Trust. Trust between two types. A Business -Customer relationship too runs on trust, trust on a Business to provide cost effective product or service which only benefit their requirement. No one wants to drink a Protein Shake which tastes awesome but fails providing benefits of a Protein shake.

Caring, Both should care for each other. If a business is up to expectations or more than customers should appreciate in form of Emails or Feedback Calls, spread the word amongst friends, family, Show off,  just like Mrs. Oliva who always flaunts her Purchases from Louis Vuitton.

Surprises, Who doesn’t likes surprises. Surprises on occasions are obvious, like Anniversaries, Christmas, Black Friday etc. but offering Discounts, Sales, Deals randomly also adds to key to Successful Business-Customer Relationship.

Why to Breakup, and Who will help me in Breaking up ?

Why Breakup? Because you want to increase sales. Daa !

Who will help you Breakup? A Customer Identity Management Platform.

Breaking up in context to Business-Customer Relationship is not a literal breakup but prioritising customers over another.
In any business there are variety of customers. An Ideal customer is defined on the basis of a Product or Service.
For Example a Male Perfume brand which specially targets for Sports Playing Males. Thy have range of Perfumes for different types of sports. But it is not mandatory of their customers to be a sports person. They can be Businessmen or an Actor who do not play regular sports but have pocket for buying such Fragrances.

Businesses cannot ignore/deny such customer as trying such practice may hurt their Reputation.

Customer Identity management Platform is a Platform for online businesses which helps them segregate their customers based on their preferences, interests , trends etc.
This segregation takes place with the help of customer data which is generated once user registers on a website. This segregation is called customer profiling.

Opting for a right customer profile helps businesses channel their efforts towards ideal customers rather than quantity of customers.

Focusing on the right customer type definitely increase sales along with right customer base to get insights from. Studying right customers also helps in product improvement or a new product.

If a business is looking for quality of customers rather than quantity, breakup is the option. Breakups are hard but it’s for your own good.