Boost your Business with 0843 and 0844 Numbers

When you are running a business in the UK, you have to be specific about selecting the phone numbers for your business. Presently the wind is flowing in favor of the 0843 and 0844 numbers for the commercial benefits they are offering the businesses.

Per history, it was a time when the business world was dominated by the 0845 numbers but after a while, it stopped generating revenue for the companies. It also charged the same as the local phone calls from the clients. That’s why the number was replaced by the 0844 and 0843 numbers in the upcoming days.

Here are some reasons why most companies of the UK prefer 0843 and 0844 numbers and benefits they enjoy by doing so—

  • Whether it’s your existing landline or mobile connection, the virtual number can rest on the same line. So, all you need is to buy the number and attach it with the landline. It will run smoothly without demanding any more investments or installations.


  • With the 0843 and 0844 numbers, you will understand the significance of the non-geographic numbers. As the numbers don’t point out any specific location, you can reach with you products withstanding the geographical barriers. Thus, you can get the chance to get more business opportunities as the clients won’t be able to know your exact business location. But, with a local number, smart customers will easily track you and this may be a deterrent for the commercial growth you aspire for.
  • Earning revenue is easier with the 0843 and 0844 numbers. You can use the profits in re-investments for your commercial success with more business ventures. You will earn money from the rebate of each incoming call from the traffic. This is how you can earn a significant amount of profit with which you can handle the operations costs of the business.


  • Monitoring the marketing is easier with the 0844 numbers by using the caller statistics. Now, it’s better to track how the marketing team is dealing with the commercial expansion.
  • 0843 and 0844 numbers offer different flexible services. Thus, if you are using the numbers before, during and after the office hours for sales related incoming calls, having these numbers can be beneficial. If your business has customer care service centers and technical support services like RBS tel etc having these numbers is useful. Even if your company sells tickets, e-tickets etc having the 0843 and 0844 numbers will be a better choice.


  • Your business can receive prompt calls effortlessly with the 0843 and 0844 numbers. Your target customers can get the opportunity to get connected to the right team members and this streamlining can contribute to your commercial success without any questions asked. When you are expecting a huge volume of inbound calls having the 0845 numbers can also be a better choice as an alternative to the 0843 and 0844 numbers for better customer service and satisfaction.

Having memorable numbers should be on your priority list. You should try to invest on 0843 and 0844 numbers along with alphanumeric codes which customers can memorize easily.

Author’s Bio – Apart from being a successful business consultancy firm owner, Geoff is passionate about sharing his experiences with his blogs and articles. His articles have dedicated readers that get the opportunity to know certain informative stuff related to business and technology.